We study which therapies get patients better faster. From that, we provide the best solutions to your problems.


Chiropractic Adjustment

Simply put, we're trying to release pressure built up in the spine. From the physical, chemical and emotional stress we go through everyday, pressure builds up in our joints, restricting our range of motion and level of comfort. With a swift, smooth motion into the joint, we can release that pressure and restore range of motion. By allowing the nerves to flow at efficiency again, your body can begin to heal itself.


Instrument Assisted Myofascial Release

There are times where not only the joint is restricted, but the fascia between muscles or organs can become stuck, intertwined and down right messy. When this happens, patients tend to notice decreased range of motion, loss of strength and increase in pain. When we perform a myofascial release, we intend to break up the fascia tissue that is causing the restriction and restore blood flow so flexibility, strength and healing returns.


Active Release Therapy

Those hard muscle knots in your shoulders? That's exactly what we love to work out for you. Through active movement and pressure, we will reduce the muscle tension in your neck, back, legs, and/or arms. By doing this, we can restore strength back into your muscles and coupled with rehab exercises, we can get you stronger than you were before.


Cupping Therapy

This technique is highly beneficial in reducing acute and chronic pain, restore and maintain flexibility, and increase range of motion. This method is preferred when the depth of deep tissue work is not applicable. 

We achieve results by the way of plastic cups and variable vacuum pressure. If you have never heard of cupping therapy or are unsure and nervous, contact us and we are happy to share more about this method with you and if it is a good fit for you.



Massage truly elevates your everyday life, smoothing out the muscle knots, releasing stress in your body, and making it easier to deal with everyday problems. At ACTIV Rehab and Wellness, we offer three types of massage therapies: Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage in 60, 90, or 120 minute sessions.